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Release Date: Jun 29, 2015

Catalog No.: SLANG50083

  1. Breathe To Burn
  2. Will I
  3. Exegesis
  4. Candy
  5. Meditate

Alden Penner

Canada in Space

LP, digital, CD

In 2003 Alden Penner cemented himself in the annals of indie rock history as the co-founder/singer of The Unicorns.

Montreal’s beloved dysfunctional art-pop outfit imploded shortly after the release of their now seminal album ‘Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?’ (8.9 Best New Re-Issue, Pitchfork).

Following a series of low-key self releases, Alden Penner is back with a new EP ‘Canada In Space’ out June 29th via City Slang digitally and on limited edition vinyl.

Alden explains:

“There are more Canadians than any other nationality represented in the planned Mars colony. The “Canada In Space” EP is an imagining of the dreams, reveries, phantasms, hallucinations, psycho-spiritual projections, naïve mythologies, actions, visions and experiences of an abandoned crew before, during and after it’s permanent journey to Mars; the compression of time; dispersion, fragmentation of states and generations in space; ultimate detachment & wormholes.”

Featuring his friends Michael Cera, Laura Crapo and Farley Miller, he will be touring the UK and EU in June/July playing songs from his new EP Canada in Space along with songs from throughout his career.